ABC provides ongoing information on estimated volumes, anticipated departure and arrival dates, and harvest and weather conditions broken out by week and by growing region.

During the season, from September to December, Weekly Crop Reports are issued with the actual exported volumes. The destinations included in these reports are the EU and the US, and are published every Tuesday in this website.

This section also includes information on the last campaign.

Blueberry season forecast 2018

Argentina has started its blueberry export season 2018 with a delay of 2 to 3 weeks compared to 2017 season due to low temperatures in all production areas.

As a consequence,  the estimate for Argentina will be around 17,000 tons of which 14,500 tons will be conventional blueberries and 2,500 tons organic ones. The sea shipping rate, that will be a record for our industry once again, is estimated at 35%.

Argentina will be focused on preserving quality and ensuring the sweetness that makes its fruit stand out in the productions of the region.

It will also focus on the production of organic blueberries which is calculated in 16% of the total. 

Weekly Crop Report 2019 (ETA-estimated time of arrival)

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