Weekly Crop Report 2013 (ETA-estimated time of arrival)

  • Final

    Argentinean Season 2013 ended with 12.755 tons of fresh blueberry exports. There was 17% less of fruit compared to previous year, because of climatic events that carried serious losses like the late frosts of Tucumán and Concordia and the strong tornado with hail focused on the central region of Concordia during the 41st week. In terms of destinations USA received 61% of the total exports, and Europe/UK grew from 30 to 32%.

  • Week 50

    170.332 kg / 170 ton were exported this week and season comes to an end. For the moment nearly 12,000 tons have arrived to the different markets. Volume season is estimated in 12,500 ton taking into account maritime shipments of the last few weeks.

  • Week 49

    Ending season. There were exported 320 ton / 319.900 kg of blueberries this week. Season is expected to have some volumes till weeks 3 / 4 where there will arrive the last maritime shipments.

  • Week 48

    Argentina is ending its season. In week 48 were exported 616 tons / 616.596 kg. There are few weeks left of harvest and some maritime shipments from past weeks that will arrive after the end of the season.

  • Week 47

    Argentina exported 1,363 tons / 1.363.724 kg of blueberries during this week. A significant decline in exports is expected for week 48 with lower volumes from Concordia and Tucumán.

  • Week 46

    Blueberry exports from Argentina for this week were 1.377 ton 1.377.701 kg. Concordia and Tucumán decreasing, and Buenos Aires in advance. Few maritime shipments. The end of the season is expected for week 50th.

  • Week 45

    Exported volumes for this week were 2.154 ton / 2.154.904 kg. Concordia and Tucuman with decreasing volumes for week 46, while Buenos Aires production is incorporated.

  • Week 44

    Season progresses smoothly. This week they arrived at different markets a total of 1.867 tons / 1.867.000 kg. Similar volumes expected for the week 45. From week 46 volumes go down.

  • Week 43

    The harvest progresses at the expected rhythm, according to the latest ABC estimate. This week have arrived 1.435 tons 1.434.800 kg of blueberry to the different destinations. Volumes significantly less than last season for weeks 44/45/46.

  • Week 42

    Following the new estimates from ABC, there were exported 792 ton / 792.824 kg of blueberries. We expect some rainfall inConcordia for week 43, and greater volumes from Tucuman airport.

  • Week 41

    Total exports were 588 ton, in this total are included 162 ton that depart from Tucuman Airport. During this week there was a strong tornado with hail focused on the central region of Concordia (epicenter in Yuquerí). This tornado left several fruit loses that are quantified in the new Estimate of the ABC. Please check ABC New Estimate Volumes 2013.

  • Week 40

    Week 40 - Favorable weather. Exported volume by air for week 40 was 143,000 kg / 143 tons of blueberries to different destinations, total 181,000 kg 181 ton, with maritime shipments of week 36th . According to ABC records, Argentina it is 2 weeks delayed respect to 2012 season. Normalized shipments from this week. First flight from Tucuman Airport is scheduled for week 41st.

  • Week 39

    Cold weather. Slowly fruit ripening and slow pace of the season. This week the exported volumes hardly achieved 39.520 kg / 39.5 tons.

  • Week 38

    Frosts effects still shaping early fruit exports. Export advances slowly with 22.000kg/22 ton tons for this week. Shippings made by sea in week 34 complete the final 52,000 kg/ 52 ton of this report.

  • Week 37

    Early fruit volumes decreased because of the intense frosts in Concordia and Tucuman areas. For further information read our Pre Season Report.

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