Weekly Crop Report 2014 (ETA-estimated time of arrival)

  • Week 50

    Argentina has sent 144 tons to all destinations in this week 50th. Reaching the end of the season in two weeks, total volume will be approximately 16.700 tons.

  • Week 49

    The end of the season is near. Exports from Argentina till week 49, had exceeded 16,000 tons. Another 400 tons will also arrive by boat to different destinations between week 50 and week 1. Buenos Aires is expected to finish the harvest next week.

  • Week 48

    The NEA Region ended its harvest and there are only some exports left from the Buenos Aires region to end the campaign. Argentina has exported over 16,000 tons and possibly will reach 16,700 tons at the end of the year.

  • Week 47

    Lower volumes from Argentina counting from this week. Considering the 1,185 tons (1,185,721 kilos) exported, 230 tons, correspond to sea shipments sent on week 43. Concordia and Buenos Aires retreating. The season will end in the first weeks of 2015 where will be arriving the last maritime shipments. Final volumes are estimated in around 16,500 tons for the whole country.

  • Week 44

    Argentina starts its declining curve. After passing the 43 week peak with a 2700 tonos record, Argentina is in the downward volumes from week 44, exporting a total of 1951 blueberry tons. Week 45 volumes will be either less, with approximately 1500 tons for the whole country.

  • Week 43

    Argentina reaches its peak at week 43 with 2,714,360 kilos (2,714 ton) of fresh fruit exported to all destinations.

  • Week 42

    Argentine blueberry shipments totaled 2,042,000 kg (2,042 tons) in the course of 42 week.

  • Week 37

    Shipments remained within expectations, with a total of 121,000 kg (121 tons) between destinations. UK and the continental Europe as a whole received about 50% of the volume.

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