Everything is possible when there is a united value chain


Argentina is one of the main players in the global market, with more than 20 years in the export activity. Its geographical location has a counter-season crop as an advantage, which allows us to supply products during periods of low production in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere. Over the last years, the blueberry industry has changed a lot, especially due to the arrival of several new producing countries which has made the market more and more competitive. The good news is that worldwide demand continues to grow, thus each producing country will face the challenge of finding its place in this new international scenario.

ABC understands that every link in the value chain is an essential player to position Argentina as a reference supplier in terms of flavor, quality and sustainable production and the Committee as a reference organization and reliable source of information for the sector. It is our partners and members who make possible the actions and activities carried out year after year such as:

  • External promotion campaign Taste the Sweetness, Enjoy the Difference,
  • “Better with blueberries Campaign to promote the consumption of the fruit in the local market,
  • the national social strategy which seeks to promote decent work and inclusive economic development, improve life quality of all workers in this industry, create genuine sources of employment and take care of the environment,
  • Participation in the most important fairs, events and international media related to the fruit sector, among others.

High value of our blueberries lies in fresh export. Few logistic players have the expertise and know-how to transform full potential of an excellent quality and flavor offer, such as the Argentinian one, into a real and concrete supply option for the main and most demanding markets in the world.

During this season we have the support of companies such as Padwor, Loginet, CPX, Liventus and Dupont that have been accompanying us for a couple of years and are committed to the growth of the sector.


This great blueberry sector in Argentina, which is made up of a great team, also acknowledges recognition to some key players who left their mark on extremely demanding logistics required by our high quality fresh fruit and who have always supported the sector from the very beginning, such as Jet Cargo and Newport Cargo.

We also want to mention DHL, Nuevos Ayres Cargo, Interfresh Cargo and Ponis who have also accompanied ABC and continue working so that our blueberries reach the world with the highest protection in quality.

More about ABC

ABC is a non-profit civil association that has represented the blueberry sector of Argentina for more than 10 years. Members of the committee account for more than 85% of blueberry exports of our country.

ABC partner companies are: Agroberries SA, Berries del Plata SA, Berries del Sol SA, Berries Mesopotámicos SRL, Castillo Azul SA, Citromax SACI, CIF SA, Concordia Blueberries SA, Delta Comex SA, Early Crop SA, Extraberries SA, Gramm Agropecuaria SA, Hortifrut Expofresh SA, King Berry SA, La Cubana SA, La Gloriosa SA, Marcal Internacional SA, North Bay Argentina SA, Tropical Argentina SRL and Wonderful Berries SA.

As of 2012, and with the aim of integrating the entire chain, three producer associations in Argentina are incorporated into ABC as institutional partners, which in turn gather local producers from the production regions of the country, namely: APAMA AC (NEA) – Producers Association of Mesopotamia Argentina; APRATUC AC (NOA) – Association of Producers of Blueberries of Tucuman and CAPAB AC (Bs. As) – Chamber of Producers of Blueberries and other Berries.

This year, the Committee renewed authorities and Federico Bayá was ratified as well as the rest of the Board of Directors. It is the second term for most of the members who lead negotiations on behalf of the sector for the period 2019-2021. Continuity of the group shows strong commitment to continue working to overcome the challenges that the sector has been facing for some time. Challenges are to improve the conditions of competitiveness and also continue differentiating our fruit for its flavor, and renew and further strengthen the commitments in labor, social and environmental matters.