The fifth season of “Better with Blueberries” starts in Argentina

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For the fifth consecutive year, the Argentine Blueberry Committee (ABC) is carrying out the Better with Blueberries campaign, an initiative with a crystal clear objective: to promote healthy eating by implementing the consumption of blueberries as a fresh, healthy and easy-to-eat fruit option.

What does the Better with Blueberries campaign consist of?

The blueberry sector in Argentina has allocated 95% of its fresh blueberry production to export since its beginnings in the country, more than 20 years ago.

In order to support the domestic market and promote blueberry consumption at the place where it is produced, the Argentine Blueberry Committee designed the Mejor Con Arándanos (Better with Blueberries) campaign five years ago

“Our objectives were clear from the very beginning: that Argentine fruit stores have enough supply of blueberries to satisfy the demand of Argentine consumers,” says Jorge Pazos, producer and member of the Internal Market Committee of the ABC.

“But we also conceived the campaign with the strong commitment to promoting healthy diets, mainly by developing a new culture of healthy eating in new generations. Therefore, among our actions, we include school programs for preschool and early education levels, and the actions of McA are designed to show blueberry options for afternoon snacks, for example”. Says Mr. Pazos.

2020 was the fourth consecutive year of this campaign in Argentina. That edition was characterized by two specific achievements:

1) high level of impact on social media, where interaction with users/consumers included livestreams, posts with recipes and raffles, and discussion groups via Zoom. This had two direct consequences: the number of followers doubled in ABC institutional accounts and the relationship with our partners, more than 50 health, gastronomy and sports experts, consolidated.

2) increase in domestic consumption amounting to around 3 million kilos per year. The campaign continues to grow and add new partners every year due to its success all over the country.

In 2021, the aim is to make healthy consumption and the key role that argentine fruit play along the path to healthy eating even more visible.


Blueberry Week 2021 – October 18 to 24  

From October 18 to 24, the Better with Blueberries campaign is celebrating the Blueberry Week, with a number of actions that seek to emphasize communication about healthy eating based on blueberries.

To this end, the Argentine Blueberry Committee (ABC) has the best partners and specialists who, through social media, are going to help us spread reliable and novel information on how to consume blueberries and what their properties and benefits are.

During these days, there will also be promotions and special offers in greengrocers and supermarkets. It is the ideal time to buy blueberries to be eaten fresh and also to be frozen.

Some of the actions that will take place during the week are:

Live on Instagram @mejorconarandanos with raffles at the end of the event

The true value of blueberries is told by specialists and professionals. One professional per day will talk about the importance of the fruit in our diet:

  • A pediatrician is going to talk about how to incorporate blueberries in the diet of children and family in general.
  • A sport nutritionist is going to teach us how to incorporate blueberries in sports diets.
  • A nutritionist will answer questions.
  • A gynecologist is going to talk about the benefits of blueberries for urinary infections and our health in general.
  • Different cooks will present easy recipes to include blueberries in salty and sweet dishes, desserts and snacks.
  • Participation in the Cocineros Argentinos (Argentinean Cooks) program on the Public TV: a producer will be live to explain the production process of Argentine blueberries.
  • Wed 20-10: Event at the Central Market of Buenos Aires, with the participation of Laura Di Cola, a chef.
  • Tastings
  • Official launch of the new website Mejor Con Ará, featuring content on the properties of the fruit, recipes, medical and nutritional information, production data and much more.
  • Presentation of the Educational Kit: an e-book for pre-school designed as an educational resource with activities and videos proposed for schools in Argentina. This week, our commitment with the Fruteá Tu Escuela program will also be renewed.
  • In Entre Ríos province: promotion of the new website in the media / fresh blueberries and special gifts will be raffled on radio programs and social media / delivery of press kits to the media to promote the consumption of blueberries / special articles with nutritional information and recipes in the media.
  • In Tucumán province: a campaign will be carried out in different media: in social networks, daily posts on Facebook and Instagram (APRATUC), about the benefits of blueberries.  Raffles on radio and TV programs and live presence in cooking shows. Tastings at events, such as the Congress of Psychology. Delivery of kits to influencers in the province to invite them to taste and add blueberries to recipes. A gastronomic event will be held in agreement with the local union for hotel and gastronomy sector. –