Blueberry Producers celebrate the positive results of the campaign performed in the local market


The Central Market registered an increase of almost 200% entry of fruit

Producers of the Argentinean Blueberry Committee (ABC) celebrated the “positive” results of the “Better with Blueberries” (Mejor con Arándanos) campaign, which resulted in an increase of approximately 200% in the entry of the fruit in the Buenos Aires Central Market, according to its official registry, regarding the figures of 2016. “We are now evidencing the results of the different actions and activities, performed throughout this year, in order to make argentinean blues´ quality and benefits well known for the health. The balance is highly positive”, pointed Federico Bayá, President of the Committee.

The Central Market has informed that the increase in the amount of fruit to the market was of 182.3% in October, in regard to the same month of 2016, being November the highest period in entries. “We consider it a major achievement which confirms the efforts performed during the year, which we hope to keep so that more people include this super fruit in their diet, get to know its benefits and improve their quality of life”, expressed Bayá.

“According to the estimates we have, with all the compiled data until October, it could be calculated that Argentina will get to 2,940 tons of local consumption. This is a high figure for our activity”, said Bayá, who highlighted that there is a great potential in the local market with these results, turning it into “an important base to get stronger and grow as a sector “.

The promotional campaign “Better with Blueberries” Mejor con Arándanos – has been coordinated along with other initiatives, such as the program “More fruits and Vegetables” of the Ministry of Agroindustry. One of the most relevant was the “Blueberry Week”, which included several actions in order to broadcast and encourage consumption, with tastings and sales throughout the country.

 “We want to continue working with the whole value chain so that the consumer is provided with a fruit of good quality and an affordable price, so it can be consumed regularly, therefore including it in its daily diet”, pointed out Jorge Pazos, referent of the Local Market Comission of ABC.

ABC has focused its local campaign in the incorporation of the blueberry to the family diet as a “healthy snack”, or as part of the meals and desserts. It was then necessary to point out its virtues, being the most relevant its low fat content, antioxidant, source of fiber and its high level of magnesium and Vitamin C. As well, it prevents urinary infections, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and premature aging, helping improve, as well, the digestive activity and reducing bad cholesterol.

Blueberry production in our country began over 20 years ago. The most representative production zones are the NWA (Tucumán, Salta), the NEA (Entre Rios, Corrientes) and the North of Buenos Aires. ABC has pointed that the next campaign will continue working in order to enhance the consumption diffusion and its federal scope.