P.A.R., a project to prevent child labour in blueberry fields


Desarrollo y Autogestión, a Latin American NGO, aligns private and public efforts to promote a responsible agricultural development

On the world day against child labor, Desarrollo y Autogestión (DYA) launched P.A.R. project (Responsible Agricultural Production) in partnership with the Ministry of Production and Labor of the Nation, Tucumán Ministry of Production, Misiones Ministry of Labor, INTA and the ABC (Argentine Blueberries Committee), to develop a system to guarantee agricultural activity free of child labor, with tests in the blueberry and yerba mate fields in Tucumán and Misiones.

P.A.R. is an initiative aligned with the National Plan for the Prevention and Elimination of Child Labor 2018-2022 that reinforces the commitment of the different organizations to proactively prevent this reality and promote a sustainable economic growth.

DYA, through P.A.R., assembles the efforts between the public and private sectors to identify along the productive chain, the instances in which cases of child and adolescent labor could leak and from this diagnosis; address its causes and implement productive standards that guarantee a production free of child and adolescent labor.

Maró Guerrero, Director of DYA Argentina, explained that the project will last two years and that a DYA technical team will lead the work. “State, producers and civil society will join their efforts through a system tailored made to put an end to this problem in a practical way. We designed a model to promote responsible agriculture. The producers will have tools to identify the presence of child labor and in collaboration with the public sector, will offer services to avoid child labour, such as nurseries, double school day activities or technical training in local schools. The idea is to impact in this reality that affects several areas of the country.”

P.A.R. was conceived as a pioneer model for good sustainable agricultural practices, which could be copy by other crops in our country. “From ABC we believe that it is an innovative model. It will bring value not only to the products themselves, improving the sector growth, but also will introduce production standards that respond to a socially-cared activity “, stated Carla Ginobili, ABC Manager.

ABC, that represents nearly the 80% of our country’s blueberry exports, gathers the regional chambers which includes the Association of Producers of Mesopotamia (APAMA), the Argentine Chamber of Producers of Blueberries and other Berries (CAPAB), and the Tucuman Association of Blueberries Producers (APRATUC).

About Desarrollo y Autogestión
DyA is a Latin American non-profit organization with 30 years’ experience in research and development projects in areas like education, production, health and eradication of child labor, which seeks to improve the conditions of vulnerable populations, especially children and teenagers.

DyA has its headquarters in Ecuador and offices in Peru and Argentina. In our country, DyA has been leading NOEMí project since 2017, in coordination with the Labor and Production Ministry and the Education Ministry, about educational practices in the workplace for adolescents of vulnerable contexts.

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About ABC
ABC, represents nearly the 80% of our country’s blueberry exports, gathers the regional chambers which includes the Association of Producers of Mesopotamia (APAMA), the Argentine Chamber of Blueberries Producers and other Berries (CAPAB), and Tucuman Association of Blueberries Producers (APRATUC).

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