Asoex and Agroseguros meeting to ensure the fruit sector

The Fruit Exporters Association of Chile AG (ASOEX), met with the Executive Director of Agroseguros, the Insurance Committee of Agriculture (ex COMSA) to analyze the various existing instruments to hedge weather catastrophes

The meeting took place on Tuesday 22 July and participated in it Camilo Navarro, Executive Director of Agroseguros; Ronald Bown, President of ASOEX and Miguel Canala-Echeverría, General Manager ASOEX.

“At this meeting we were able to jointly analyze the various tools to manage Agroseguros for the fruit sector, having a very good reception of the proposals made to the authority in matters relating to the need to expand the range of fruit products, the level of coverage, how to specify the level of a particular incident, among other matters, “said Ronald Bown.

Currently, the insurance covers products such as vines (table and pisco vinifera), apple, blueberry and raspberry. In addition also provides coverage for purposes of frost in the olive.

“During the past 12 months (July 2013 to June 2014) were contracted 714 policies fruit insurance is for this reason that the government, through Agroseguros-is working in partnership with the private sector to improve the coverage of fruit , which will be reflected in the implementation over the next month for sure peaches, specifically oriented plums, peaches and nectarines, “said Camilo Navarro.

Notably, after the meeting was agreed to establish a working group of representatives ASOEX Agroseguros and to address improvements in instruments and coverage within the fruit sector.